HITACHI HUS: Replace a failed disk

Replacing a disk on a Hitachi AMS 2000 or HUS 100 series system is quite simple. These arrays are equipped with an automatic failover and copyback, so it is important to know how many hot spares you have in your array.

If this is a solitary failure in the array, that is a best-case scenario for a failed disk.

  • Look for confluence between the physical array, and your Hitachi Hitachi Storage Navigator terminal. The array should light up red on the disk slot experiencing the failure, and the SNM (Storage Nav) should show the same slot as failed.¬†This menu is located under Parts Information menu, under Disk drive and looks like this:



  • Once you confirm that the machine and your Storage Nav are showing the same slot as failed, you can hot-swap the disk. The data that was residing on that disk has already copied to a new disk, and this slot has been assigned as a future hot-spare.
  • The disk has already been powered down, and it is time to swap out the disk. Pull on the blue tab to lower the handle. Use the handle to pull the failed drive, and set it aside. We recommend marking it as failed with a sharpie so it does not get confused with any cold spares you may have on site.
  • Insert the new disk, making sure it is seated correctly. The new disk should sit flush with the others. If it protrudes at all, it did not seat correctly.

With The HUS and AMS systems, you can use a drive larger than the failed drive. The system will allocate the appropriate amount of data to the drive. However, you can not use a drive that is a different speed, or smaller size than the failed drive. Hitachi does use specific firmware on these drives, so a blank drive will not read in these arrays.

If you are experiencing failures in your Hitachi array, it is a good idea to look at a maintenance contract for your array. As a provider, SPECTRA will store cold-spares at your site, to avoid any loss of data arising from the failure of drives. We have plans to fit everyone’s needs and budget. Check out our Hitachi support page to learn more.

This procedure applies to the following arrays:

AMS2100, AMS2300, AMS2500

HUS110, HUS130, HUS150


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