Why Is No Pricing Displayed?


Uniquely Configurable Systems

Spectra trades in a multitude of Servers, Storage networking components, and their parts. The majority of which, must be uniquely configure to each user’s specific needs, therefore, there isn’t a 1-price-fits-all for most the systems we sell.


Available Configurations

Because each system is unique, and configurations can vary widely by Manufacturer, Machine Type, Model and features; the matrix of available configurable systems, features and parts is too vast to keep up in a very fluid, dynamic market.


Availability of Equipment

The market availability of used hardware is very volatile. Even more so when dealing with newer, current generation products. One good-sized purchase can wipe out the whole market. Because of the increased demand, supply is not always available to meet that demand and many times causes unpredictable price fluctuations that must be reviewed/adjusted constantly.

Conversely, price reductions occur as Inventories swell and demand diminishes. All of which follows a simple “supply vs demand” business model, but on a more volatile scale.


Inventory Levels

Server, Storage and Network Inventories in the IT hardware change rapidly. Given the quickly-declining value of technology over time, most resellers minimize their inventories to avoid getting stuck with obsolete, ultimately valueless equipment.  As such, quantities and reserves in any/all reseller inventories can/will be vary in price and availability, subject to market demand.