IBM System Z & Z-Enterprise Servers

IBM zSeries Servers

The zSeries, System z and zEnterprise families were named for their availability: z stands for ZERO downtime. The systems are built with spare components capable of hot failovers to ensure continuous operations. The System z family has full backward compatibility.

Current systems are the direct descendants of System/360, first introducted in 1964, and the System/370 from the 70’s. Many applications written for these systems can still run unmodified on the newest System z over four decades later.


SPECTRA is a leading provider of IBM zSeries server maintenance. We support IBM zSeries servers from the z990 generation all the way up to z13 enterprise.

In addition to our highly experience tier 3 engineers, we carry a full inventory of zSeries servers, so parts for your server are always available at a moments’ notice.



SPECTRA buys and sells used / refurbished IBM zSeries Servers.

We guarantee our systems for a minimum of 90 days, with 24 hour support available on most models.

All Spectra IBM zSeries servers and storage are put through a rigorous refurbishment / reconditioning and testing process and guaranteed:

  • Original equipment manufactured and serial numbered by IBM
  • Configured to exact User specifications
  • Fully refurbished / reconditioned to manufacturers standards of new [ETN]
  • Lab tested, 72 Hour burn in/Load Tested
  • Complete with manufacturers ship group (I/F Cables, Power Cords, Manuals etc)
  • Eligible for IBM Maintenance Agreement
  • Provided with 90 Day warranty


If you can’t find the IBM equipment you need, please call us at (714) 970-7000 to determine current availability.

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