Dell EMC Service Tag Lookup: How to find Warranty & Configuration Info

Every server and storage product sold by Dell has 2 unique identifiers: a serial number and a service tag number.

In most cases, the service tag is located on the front of the server or storage system. It is a small tag that tucks cleanly into the face of the system, and needs to be pulled out to display the service tag, the express service code, the date of manufacture, and a QR code (on more recent models) that will take ...

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EMC Isilon 410 Series END of SERVICE LIFE

DellEMC: End of Service life for the Isilon 410  Series on February 28, 2024.

After this date, DellEMC will no longer render maintenance or service on Isilon 410 models.

It is recommended to check your EMC support portal for any outstanding firmware upgrades as soon as possible!

Products affected:

  • Isilon X410
  • Isilon X210
  • Isilon NL410
  • Isilon S210

What is the difference between end of service, and end of life?

End of life is only a withdrawal from sales and marketing. Isilon X410, NL410, and S210 have been withdrawn from ...

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Building a Small Business Server: How to Configure

Configuring a Small Business Server

So you’ve decided that you need a server for your small business.  Now you need to figure out how to configure the server. There are many important factors to consider when building your server, as there is not a 1 size fits all solution.  When our customers ask us what server configuration they need, our response is usually mixture of the questions below. IT distributors aren’t familiar with your environment, and it is difficult to recommend ...

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PURE STORAGE: Common Commands

Pure Storage systems can be a burden to administrate at times. If you don’t have the commands in a spot where you can easily access them, well, good luck. It can take a while to look up these up.

To help our wonderful PURE support clients, we have compiled a short list of commonly used show commands for PURE Storage systems,  which will mostly display detailed information about your system and its status. If there are any we ...

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DELL EMC Announces VNX Storage End of Service


EMC has announced they will no longer be servicing the VNX Gen 2 storage systems after January 30th 2023. After this date, EMC will no longer provide parts or service for the VNX models listed below.

VNX 1st Gen systems (3150, 5100, 5300, 5700, 7500) were announced end-of-service-life in 2019.


EMC VNX Model  EOSL Date
VNXe1600 1/30/2023
VNX23200 1/30/2023
VNX5200 1/30/2023
VNX5400 1/30/2023
VNX5600 1/30/2023
VNX5800 1/30/2023
VNX7600 1/30/2023


Can you still use your VNX 5000 series storage even though it is End of Service? Absolutely!

It’s a common but ...

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5 Things to Consider: Hitachi Vantara Maintenance


Hitachi Vantara (recently rebranded from Hitachi Data Storage) is an industry leader in data storage solutions. When the factory warranty expires, you are left with 2 options:

  • Pay Hitachi Vantara’s lofty price tag
  • Obtain 3rd party support

Many maintenance organizations will write SLAs on storage systems they know absolutely nothing about. They are gambling that they will be able to find the expertise ...

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Dell PowerEdge Servers EOSL (End of Service) 2022 Update

DELLEMC Poweredge End of Service Life

After EOSL date, DellEMC will no longer service the corresponding server.

This list will be updated as more models are announced end-of-service.

SPECTRA offers flexible end-of-service support solutions for your Dell Server that fits all budgets!


MFR Family Model  EOSL DATE
Dell PowerEdge R940 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R840 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R740 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R640 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R540 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R440 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R340 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R240 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R930 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R830 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R730 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R630 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R530 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R430 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R330 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R230 TBD
Dell PowerEdge R920 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R820 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R720 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R620 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R520 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R910 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R810 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R710 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R610 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R510 May 2019
Dell PowerEdge R410 May 2019

Get Maintenance

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Easy maintenance tasks for your DellEMC Isilon Nodes

Good maintenance practices are a must if you want  maximize your DELLEMC Isilon’s uptime.   There are other benefits to routine maintenance besides the obvious benefit of uptime: it can offer performance advantages.

In this post, we are giving you some simple steps to help maintain the integrity and speed of your EMC Isilon clusters.

4 Basic Maintenance Procedures:

  • Inspect the physical environment.  Monitor temperature, humidity, and power distribution unit (PDU) statistics in the area where your Isilons are ...
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White label vs Back Line Support: What is the Difference?

In this post we will talk about the differences between backline and white label support as it pertains to enterprise-level IT equipment like servers, storage and networking equipment. The two terms are very similar and often used interchangeably, but have some key differences to note as well.

White label support

Selling third party maintenance is an easy and profitable way to provide value to the your customers. When you sell used hardware, it will typically come with 30 or 90 days warranty, ...

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NetApp OnTap SysConfig Commands – Gathering hardware information


The sysconfig command in Data OnTap provides the user a physical-system view of all the hardware in the storage system.

*Please note: this will not show logical units, only physical.

This command can be useful for a number of purposes, but namely: You can see total disk shelves and disks connected to the system, Host Bus Adapter (HBA) (also referred to as the NIC – Network Interface Controller), and internal componentry like processors and memory within the filer.

Sysconfig is often confused with ...

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