Oracle Sun SPARC & x86 Blade servers

ORACLE Sun SPARC & x86 Blade Servers

Oracle’s Sun Blade modular systems integrate x86 and SPARC-based servers, storage, and advanced networking capabilities to support a complex and dynamic mix of IT workloads. Controlled by a single system management interface, the balanced architecture of the Sun Blade 6000 chassis provides an open, standards-based infrastructure for virtualization and consolidation as well as enterprise cloud deployments.

SPARC Blade Server Modules
Oracle’s SPARC Blade servers with Oracle’s Sun Blade 6000 Chassis deliver high performance, maximum scalability, and security for your enterprise and mission critical applications.

Sun x86 Server Blade Modules
Oracle’s x86 server blade modules run the most demanding enterprise and virtualized business application workloads while reducing power consumption and cooling costs.

Sun Blade Chassis Options
Oracle’s flexible, eco-efficient Sun Blade 6000 chassis integrates Oracle’s x86 and SPARC server blade modules with high-capacity networking and storage blades to support a wide range of application environments.

Would you like to buy or sell any new, used or refurbished Oracle SUN servers?

Since 1982, Spectra is your global source for used, new and refurbished Oracle SUN Servers and Storage specializing in SUN Enterprise M-Class, Midrange T-series, X-Series servers and SUN storage equipment.

All Spectra Oracle SUN Servers and Storage equipment is put through a rigorous refurbishment / reconditioning and testing process and guaranteed:

  • Original equipment manufactured and serial numbered by Oracle SUN
  • Configured to exact User specifications
  • Fully refurbished / reconditioned to manufacturers standards of new [ETN]
  • Lab tested, 72 Hour burn in/Load Tested
  • Complete with manufacturers ship group (I/F Cables, Power Cords, Manuals etc)
  • Eligible for Oracle SUN Maintenance Agreement
  • Provided with 90 Day warranty

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