White label vs Back Line Support: What is the Difference?

In this post we will talk about the differences between backline and white label support as it pertains to enterprise-level IT equipment like servers, storage and networking equipment. The two terms are very similar and often used interchangeably, but have some key differences to note as well.

White label support

Selling third party maintenance is an easy and profitable way to provide value to the your customers. When you sell used hardware, it will typically come with 30 or 90 days warranty, right?

With white label support, you are able to sell on-going maintenance contracts at a premium while bearing none of the responsibility of the repair. The organization you outsource the contract to is the white label support organization.

The white-label support organization will handle a repair in its entirety. They will provide the necessary hardware for the repair, the engineering expertise, and the field engineer if necessary. The white label support will have a ticketing process in place. A good one will also have a 24 hour help desk to answer those late night calls.


And here is the best part: They will be masked, so they appear as part of your own organization to your customer.

Back Line Support

Here is where things get a little different. Back line support often refers to the same service, although there are a few differences to note.  The difference in backline support is that you, the reseller, bears the responsibility of communication with your customer.

Some resellers want to maintain that customer-facing relationship. Their preference is that all communications with their customer run through their customer-facing employees.  The backline support organization will still provide the engineering, and any hardware parts needed for the repair.

The reseller would bear the responsibility of setting up meetings through video chat or phone conference calls, and relaying any pertinent information that they receive from the backline support organization to the end user.

Since most of the contact with the end user is done by the customer-facing reseller team, the backline organization isn’t as visible to the customer as the white label support organization may be.

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