Sell us your Used Dell PowerEdge Server. We are buying!

New Dell PowerEdge Servers can cost thousands of dollars, but by selling us your used Dell server, you can gain significant savings.


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We offer the highest payouts for your Dell servers, and within 24 hours of receiving it, remove all data according to DoD standards.

The disposition process is transparent and easy. When you contact us, it will help to speed things along if you have the quantity and configuration of the servers at the ready.

With Dell, you can simply provide a Service Tag number as well, if you don’t have the configuration handy. You can find this on a pull-out tab on the server. It can also be located in your support account.


Once we have the configuration details, we will provide a bid based on the current market value of the server.

When it comes to preparing the server for shipment, there are a few options:

  1. You will have the option to package the server at your site with your materials.
  2. We will send you packing materials to adequately package your server and prepare it for transit.
  3. Spectra has partnerships with pack-and-ship organizations in every major metro across the US. We will contact our freight packers on your behalf and obtain a quote to pack the equipment. This is typically paid for by the selling organization.

Spectra will arrange the transport, and pay all transportation charges back to our facility. We ship all products fully insured, so there are no drops or mishandlings of your server that would result in a refusal of the shipment and non-payment (Yes, some IT resellers do this.)

We will bring the equipment into our facility for testing. Once testing is completed, we will issue payment on the contract.

After 40 years in business we’ve learned a few things about trading Datacenter hardware: Customers like a clean, easy and transparent process. That is exactly what we aim to provide.

Contact us if you have Used Dell PowerEdge, or any other used hardware to sell!


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