Why Buy Maintenance for your IT Equipment?

You’ve worked hard to get your network and IT environment up and running and it’s running well. So, you can just leave things as-is and expect smooth sailing, right? The answer isn’t so straightforward.


To make the most out of your IT investment, it’s important to monitor and maintain it.

Think about it like this: routine maintenance on your car will only cost you a minimal amount to have a professional look through everything. However, not doing so over time can lead to a breakdown or worse because you aren’t a mechanic, and can’t possibly know everything that is going on under the hood.

Out of warranty IT equipment is the same. It is our job to keep your systems in tip-top shape. SPECTRA is one of the leading providers of IT maintenance in the Los Angeles area, servicing clients nation-wide.

Why Choose Spectra as your Server or Storage Maintenance Provider?

  • We have a 40 year track record of success. One of the oldest in the industry.
  • We are able to service every major metro, and even have an on-site presence in most lesser-traveled parts of the country as well.
  • If we take your system under support, we keep the parts for that system in stock. They are never re-sold.
  • We are not querying other reseller to try and locate last-minute parts.
  • Our engineers are on-call 24×7 to take your calls.
  • We tailor our contracts to client needs. No one-size-fits all.

We know IT is the backbone to every organization.

Accordingly, we treat all system failures as top priority. If you have one of the Brands below, and are looking for a top-provider to provide service in the Los Angeles or San Diego Area, please get in touch! 



Supported OEMs:

Hitachi Storage and Servers
EMC Storage and Servers
Network Appliance Storage and Servers


IBM Storage and Servers
Sun Oracle Storage and Servers
HPE Storage and Servers


Cisco Networking Equipment
Brocade Networking Equipment




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