DELL EMC Announces VNX Storage End of Service


EMC has announced they will no longer be servicing the VNX Gen 2 storage systems after January 30th 2023. After this date, EMC will no longer provide parts or service for the VNX models listed below.

VNX 1st Gen systems (3150, 5100, 5300, 5700, 7500) were announced end-of-service-life in 2019.


EMC VNX Model  EOSL Date
VNXe1600 1/30/2023
VNX23200 1/30/2023
VNX5200 1/30/2023
VNX5400 1/30/2023
VNX5600 1/30/2023
VNX5800 1/30/2023
VNX7600 1/30/2023


Can you still use your VNX 5000 series storage even though it is End of Service? Absolutely!

It’s a common but false belief that the system is no longer safe because EMC will not support it.  The VNX are well-built, high-performance systems that will be usable for years to come.

We carry a complete line of VNX product, capable of supporting these systems well into the future.

Protect your budget, and your storage system with third party support from Spectra! We offer SLAs from break-fix to 24×7 to help keep your EMC VNX storage system performing at its best.

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