5 Tried and Tested Ways to Keep Your Servers Running

Servers are the backbone of your data.  They cannot be ignored and expected to perform without routine maintenance.

If you don’t spend the time proactively to take care of your servers, they can (and will eventually) malfunction or even crash without notice.

Whether Dell, HPE, IBM, Oracle, or another manufacturer, these basic maintenance steps will help extend the life of your servers for years to come.


Keep your servers updated with the latest software patches and updates. This ensures that they’re protected against any vulnerabilities or security threats found in older versions of software.


Keep regular checks on available disk space and monitor log files for any potential issues. It’s always better to catch problems early rather than allow them fester into something bigger.

Checking Fans

Check the fans regularly for any build up. If you see your server becoming louder than usual, this could be a sign of dust and dirt building up on the blades which is slowing them down and preventing proper cooling – Cleaning fans can prevent overheating hardware components such as CPUs, memory modules etc..


Check the temperature in areas where servers are stored to ensure that they’re not overheating which can cause irreparable damage. If your server is running hot, then it’s possible that you need a bigger air conditioning unit or an increase in ventilation  It might also be worth considering investing in a cooling mat for underneath the hardware


Run a backup of your server’s data, make sure you have backups in place and consider investing in UPS batteries for emergencies where power outages can cause hardware damage. Test this during downtimes to make sure the setup works.

Make sure you have sufficient backups available to restore data if needed.  It is also worth considering storing copies of your servers at another location or using an online offsite, per the 3-2-1 industry standard backup policy.

Checking regularly for these issues can be tedious and time consuming, and your IT staff may not have the time for it. Server maintenance is very inexpensive, and takes this burden off of your hands. Give us a call, and leave the tedious stuff to the pros!



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