Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M9000

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Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Part #: M9000
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Warranty: 90 Days

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Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M9000

The ultimate Oracle Solaris server. World leading reliability with scalability up to 256 CPU cores and 4 TB memory. This is the system to fully optimize your business processes.

  • Quad core SPARC64™ VII/VII+ processors scaled to 256 cores, configurable with SPARC64™ VI processors
  • A high performance large scale SMP (Symmetric Multi Processing) system that requires no complicated tuning
  • Outstanding 737GB/s data bandwidth from unrivaled crossbar and system bus technology
  • Memory mirroring and patrolling for robust data protection
  • System bus address and data protected by ECC (Error Checking and Correction)
  • Simple partition management using in-built service processors

SPARC64™ VII+: Uplifting performance with the highest reliability

  • Rich CPU resources such as max. 512 threads and 12MB level2 cache and the most efficient threading with the maximized resource use enable excellent performance
  • Performance acceleration technologies including Simultaneous MultiThreading(SMT), super scalar, out of order, branch prediction and speculative execution
  • Multi-level data protection; ECC (Error Checking and Correction) on cache memory, parity checking and instruction retry on Registers & ALU (Arithmetic and Logical Unit), eliminates all single bit errors
  • Cutting-edge large system integration (LSI) technologies based on 65nm semiconductor technology means high performance and low power consumption
  • With the same bus protocol in SPARC64™ VI, VII and VII+ and incorporating mixed clock processor in a server , server upgrade cost can be minimized

High Performance
With the newest and standard technologies across server, application performance improves according to processor enhancement.

  • Doubled level2 cache compared to the previous SPARC64 processor , slashing data access time
  • Scalability to 256 cores and 4TB memory
  • Performance growth that matches hardware resource addition
  • Max.737 GB/sec data transmission performance
  • PCI-Express and Serial Attached SCSI, high speed serial interface support
  • Memory interleave mechanism speeds memory access

No downtime
Unsurpassed hardware availability assured by thorough data protection and component redundancy.

  • ECC (Error Checking and Correction) protects all address and data buses between main LSIs
  • User selectable memory mirror mechanism, assures memory access even in cases of multi-bit error
  • Hardware-level memory patrol detects memory errors without no exceptions
  • All primary components including HDD, Power Supply Units and Fans can be redundant and hot-swapped
  • Dual crossbars ensure service availability even during a crossbar failure
  • Dual system clocks maintain service even if one system clock fails
  • In-built redundant XSCF (eXtended System Control Facility) service processors monitor and control the server environment, locally or remotely (via LAN)
  • Total system redundancy, including server, storage and network using PRIMECLUSTER

With doubled performance, fine-grained partitioning and lowest performance overhead in virtualization, sever consolidation capacity is also doubled.

  • Fine-grained highly secure hardware partitioning (min. one CPU chip)
  • Physically isolated independent partitions enable multiple secure, high-availability/reliability systems, in a single server
  • Max.24 physical partitions can be configured
  • DR (Dynamic Reconfiguration) flexibly expands, isolates or reconfigures partitions without system stoppage
  • Oracle Solaris Containers enable thousands of virtual OS partitions on top of physical partitioning, providing outstanding flexibility in workload balancing
  • COD provides swift and secure system expansion
  • Graphical multi server management, Server System Manager (standard)
  • Remote OS boot (SAN Boot) via fibre-channel

Investment Protection
SPARC/Oracle Solaris provides the certainty that protects your system assets and provides mission critical service.

  • Oracle Solaris, No.1 market share, UNIX OS (based on UNIX System V Release 4)
  • Application binary compatibility, ensures all your applications will run without change or recompilation
  • SPARC64™ VI/VII/VII+ and Oracle Solaris conform to the same SPARC V9 open processor architecture as all other SPARC processors and operating system versions. This provides the most stable roadmap into the future

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Model Name SPARC Enterprise M9000
Basic Cabinet Basic and Expansion Cabinet
Type Floor stand, data center unit
Frequency (GHz) 2.28/2.4 2.88 3.0 2.28/2.4 2.88 3.0
Processor Quantity Max.32CPU chips Max.64CPU chips
Processor Core Quantity Max.64 Cores Max.128 Cores Max.128 Cores Max.256 Cores
Processor Thread Quantity Max.128 Threads Max.256 Threads Max.256 Threads Max.512 Threads
Cache Level1 per core
(On core)
256KB ( 128KB each for instruction and data cache) 128KB ( 64KB each for instruction and data cache) 256KB ( 128KB each for instruction and data cache) 128KB ( 64KB each for instruction and data cache)
Cache Level2 per CPU chip
(On chip)
6MB 12MB 6MB 12MB
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Minimum Capacity 32GB
Maximum Capacity 2TB 4TB
Expansion Units 32/64/128GB
Internal HDD Disk Quantity Serial Attached SCSI Disk x Max.32 disks Serial Attached SCSI Disk x Max.64 disks
Maximum Capacity Max.19.2TB Max.38.4TB
Expansion Units 146/300/600GB
Media Drive One CD-RW/DVD-RW (standard) Two CD-RW/DVD-RW (standard)
Tape Drive (DAT72) One drives (option) Max. two drives (option)
CPU Memory Board (CMU) Max.8 boards Max.16 boards
I/O Boards (IOU) Max.8 boards Max.16 boards
Interconnect Point to Point crossbar (Data transmission: Max.737GB/sec)
PCI Slots IO Box Connectivity Max.16 IO Boxes
PCI Slots (Internal) Max.64 slots Max.128 slots
PCI Slots (PCI Box Connection) Max.224 slots Max.288 slots
Standard Interface RCI 2 ports
UPC 2 ports
Redundancy Memory, Disk, Power supply unit, XSCF, Fan, Power system, PCI-Card
Hot Plug CMU, IOU, Disk, Power supply unit, XSCF, Fan, PCI-Card, DVD-ROM Drive, Tape Drive
Hardware Partitioning Max.24 partitions
(Width x Depth x Height)
850 x 1,260 x 1,800 mm
(33.5 x 49.6 x 70.9 inch)
1,674 x 1,260 x 1,800 mm
(65.7 x 49.6 x 70.9 inch)
Maintenance Area
(Width x Height)
– Single Phase 850mm x 3,060mm (33.5 x 120.5 inch)
– Single Phase + Dual Power Feed Option 1,154mm x 3,060mm (45.4 x 120.5 inch)
– Triple Phase 1,154mm x 3,060mm (45.4 x 120.5 inch)
– Single Phase 1,674mm x 3,060mm (65.9 x 120.5 inch)
– Single Phase + Dual Power Feed Option 2,282 mm x 3,060mm (89.8 x 120.5 inch)
– Triple Phase 2,282 mm x 3,060mm (89.8 x 120.5 inch)
Weight 940kg ( 2068.0.0 lb.) 1,880 kg (4,136.0 lb.)
AC Power Connection Max. Power Consumption
18.26 19.87 20.22 36.51 39.72 40.44
Rated Voltage 200-240VAC ±10%
Max Heat Generation (kJ/h) 65,736 71,532 72,792 131,436 142,992 145,584
Frequency 50/60 Hz. +2%/-4%
Environmental Condition Temperature 5 – 32C (at 0-1500m altitude)
Humidity 20 – 80 %
Features Calendar, Remote Power Control
Spectra Line Item ID: 5256


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