Fujitsu SPARC T4-4

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Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Part #: T4-4
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Warranty: 90 Days

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Fujitsu SPARC T4-4

Best Green IT platform for mid-range applications and as an OLTP server. SPARC T4-4 has best-in-class throughput performance, compact chassis (5U), and energy efficiency, in a mid-range UNIX server.

  • Four SPARC T4 processor; eight cores per processor and eight threads per core
  • Wide bandwidth DDR3 memory at 1066 Mega Transactions /s
  • Rich I/O and network capacity with max. 16 ports PCI Express I/O slots.

SPARC T4 processors facilitate high throughput performance and minimize power consumption

  • High throughput from max. 8 cores and 64 threads per processor
  • Swift memory access with 128KB L2 cache in each core and 4MB L3 cache CPU chip while SPARC T3 has 6MB L2 cache per CPU chip
  • Higher performance for heavy load application due to excellent CPU clock improvements and 2-stage Out-of-Order pipeline
  • Large improvement in integer calculation. SPARC T4 has a 16 stage integer pipe while SPARC T3 has six
  • This 40 nm technology supports pipeline encryption/decryption using an eight Stream Processing Unit encrypt/decrypt 10 major cipher functions.

High Performance
Performance tuned for high transaction applications.

  • Compact 5U form factor with Max.256 executable threads
  • Wider memory bandwidth at 1066 Mega Transaction/sec
  • PCI-Express and high speed serial interface support

No downtime
Hardware availability comprehensively assured by data protection and component redundancy.

  • Memory Page Retirement retires memory pages with correctable errors and allocates a clean page. It also isolates memory pages with uncorrectable errors and allocates a clean page
  • All major components including HDD, Power Supply Units and Fans can be redundantly configured and hot-swapped
  • Even at a processor module failure, the SPARC T4-4 can continue its operation with replacement of the faulty module
  • Local and remote (via LAN) server environment control with in-built ILOM (Integrated Lights Out Manager) service management processors

Operational cost reductions with partitioning and management software.

  • Simple upgrade by Physical to Virtual conversion tools for Oracle VM Server for SPARC(Logical Domains) and Oracle Solaris Containers
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC(Logical Domains) Direct I/O provides high performance for I/O intensive applications
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC(Logical Domains) Dynamic Reconfiguration can flexibly and dynamically change servers resources such as processors, memory, and Virtual I/O
  • Oracle Solaris Containers ; Simplifies system environment and business change modifications

Investment Protection
SPARC/Oracle Solaris provides the certainty that protects your system assets while delivering mission critical service.

  • Oracle Solaris, No.1 market share, UNIX OS (based on UNIX System V Release 4)
  • Application binary compatibility, ensures all your applications will run without change or recompilation
  • SPARC T4 conforms to the same SPARC V9 open processor architecture as all other SPARC processors and operating system versions. This provides the most stable roadmap into the future

Green IT
Power consumption can be reduced with Power Management (Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.1).

  • CPU clock increases or decreases as processor utilization increases or decreases
  • Underutilized memory automatically operates in idle mode to save power
  • Power Management can be used to reduce power based on consumption limit settings

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Model Name SPARC T4-4
Type Rackmount (5U)
Processor Type SPARC T4
Frequency 3.0GHz
Processor Quantity 4 CPU chip
Processor Core Quantity Max.32 cores
Processor Thread Quantity Max.256 threads
Cache Level2 128KB per core
Cache Level3 4MB per CPU chip
Memory Type DDR3 with Buffer on Board interface
Maximum Capacity 1TB (64 memory slots)
Internal HDD Disk Quantity 8 disk slots
Maximum Capacity 4.8TB
PCI Slots PCI Slots Quantity Sixteen PCI-Express slots ( each eight lane)
Standard Interfaces LAN Four 10/100/1000 Mb/sec Ethernet Interfaces
Two QSFP ports
USB Four External USB 2.0 ports
Redundancy HDD, PSU, fan
Hot Swap HDD, PSU, fan
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 445 x 700 x 219 mm
( 17.5 x 27.6 x 8.62 in. )
Weight 79.0 Kg (175.0lb.)
Max. Power Consumption Power consumption (Watts) 2770
Environmental Conditions Temperature 5 – 35C
Humidity 10 – 90 %
Spectra Line Item ID: 5259


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