Used Sun T3-1B Blade Server Module

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Part #: T3-1B SPARC
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Used Sun T3-1B Blade Server Module

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This used single-socket Oracle Sun SPARC T3-1B Blade Server Module is the leading component of any Oracle Enterprise system. It delivers massive computing density in a module that is compact, perfect for upgrades or even hot swapping.

The Oracle Sun SPARC T3-1B Blade Server Module features:

– 128 simultaneous threads and 16 cores
– 16 DIMM slots
– 128GB memory
– 2.5 inch, hot-pluggable SAS drives

Both powerful and compact, the SPARC T3-1B blade’s built-in PCI Express Generation 2 expansion and its integrated 10 GbE networking is the class of the industry. It has the capacity that you need to drive the computing requirements of any and all of your middleware applications and web services.

Oracle Soliris and its proprietary Oracle VM Server for SPARC drive the blade server to its highest possible potential. Whether you are looking for a blade server that is up to the task for your complex enterprise infrastructure or are simply looking for a more cost-effective alternative, the SPARC T3-1B is a great option for an out-of-the box upgrade. Maximize your up time while simplifying your system management, or just add to your already impressive computing power.

Applications of the SPARC T3-1B include:

– Virtualization and consolidation of existing resources
– Data-intensive applications
– Network-wide security applications
– Application tiered workloads such as middleware and Java environments
– Multithreading of workloads to include large instructions and data sets
– New web services deployments

With such a variety of applications and uses the SPARC T3-1B has impressed IT professionals as it has proven its worth in multiple arenas. It is an all of the above solution to many of the common headaches that develop while trying to upgrade or replace aging systems without significant downtime or excessive costs.

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