Used NetApp FAS3270 Filers

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Manufacturer: Network Appliance
Part #: FAS3270
Price: Contact Us
Warranty: 90 Days

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Used NetApp FAS3270 Filers

Spectra buys and sells used and refurbished NetApp Storage Systems, expansion shelves, disks, and repair parts.

We custom-configure every system to your specification and sell only fully tested, proven equipment that we are proud to stand behind. We offer an industry-leading unconditional 90 day guarantee, as well maintenance and support options that can be tailored to your needs.

SPECTRA maintenance options on NetApp FAS3270 Storage Systems offer a significant savings, often beating manufacturer prices by 40% or more.

NetApp FAS3270 is the highest performing mid-range platform with enhanced scalability and flexibility option in the new FAS3200 family of storage systems with NetApp’s unified storage architecture. The FAS3200 series performance is driven by a 64-bit architecture that uses high throughput, low latency links and PCI Express for all internal and external data transfers.

With the FAS3200 series and Data ONTAP 8.0.1 you can efficiently consolidate SAN, NAS, primary, and secondary storage on a single platform. Data ONTAP 8.0.1 is designed to provide customers with the next generation of features and functionality to ensure they are able to meet the demands of growing workloads.

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Since 1982, Spectra is your global source for used and refurbished NetApp storage systems!

Specifications FAS3270 with Expanded I/O FAS3270
Maximum System Capacity 2,880TB 2,880TB
Maximum Drives 960 960
Controller Form Factor Dual enclosure HA; Single enclosure HA;
2 controllers in (2) 3U chassis 2 controllers in (1) 3U chassis
Memory 32GB 32GB
Maximum Flash Cache 2TB 2TB
PCIe Expansion Slots 12 4
Onboard I/O: 4Gb FC 4 4
Onboard I/O: 6Gb SAS 4 4
Onboard I/O: GbE 4 4
Storage Networking Supported FC; FCoE; IP SAN (iSCSI); NFS; CIFS; HTTP; FTP
OS Version Data ONTAP® 7 and 8
Disk Shelves Supported DS2246 (2U; 24 drives, 2.5” SAS SFF 10K RPM )
DS4243 (4U; 24 drives, 3.5” SATA 7.2K RPM ; 3.5″ SAS 15k RPM; 3.5” SSD 100GB)
(Note: 3TB drive requires ONTAP 8)
DS14mk2 and DS14mk4 (3U; 14 drives, 3.5” FC 450GB/600GB, 3.5” SATA)
Maximum RAID Group Sizes RAID 6 (RAID-DP)
FC: 28 (26 data disks plus 2 parity disks)
SATA: 20 (18 data disks plus 2 parity disks)
FC: 14 (13 data disks plus 1 parity disk)
SATA: 7 (6 data disks plus 1 parity disk)
Maximum Number of LUNs 4096
Number of Supported SAN Hosts Up to 512 hosts per HA pair
Up to 24 directly connected servers per HA pair
FlexVol® Volumes Up to 500 per controller
Snapshot Copies Up to 127,000 Up to 127,000
Maximum Volume/Aggregate Size 70TB 70TB
FC Target (8Gb/4Gb) (max.) 24/52 20-Aug
10GbE/FCoE Target Ports (max) 24 8
GbE (max.) 52 20
6Gb SAS (max.) 52 20
FC Initiator (max.) 52 20
Maximum Adapters
Dual 10GbE (optical or copper) 12 4
Quad GbE (copper) 12 4
Dual 10GbE FCoE SAN Unified Target Adapter 12 4
8Gb FC Target (optical) 12 4
Flash Cache perf. Accel. Module (1TB) 2 2
Flash Cache perf. Accel. Module (512GB) 4 4
Flash Cache perf. Accel. Module (256GB) N/A N/A
Quad 6Gb SAS Storage HBA 12 4
Quad 4Gb FC Storage/Tape HBA 12 4
Dual SCSI Tape HBA 12 4


All Spectra provided NetApp storage products are put through a rigorous refurbishment, reconditioning and testing process.

We guarantee our products to be:

  • Original equipment manufactured and serial numbered numbered by NetApp
  • Configured to exact user specifications
  • Fully refurbished to manufacturers standards of new [ETN]
  • All hard drives are 72 hour burn in/Load Tested
  • Complete with manufacturers ship group
  • Provided with 90 day warranty
  • Shipped in a timely manner

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Shipping options:

All of our products are professionally packed and fully insured to avoid any damage in transit.

Spectra offers several shipping options to accommodate every need:
From Ground to Overnite to palletized freight, we have excellent vendors that will handle your shipment in a professional, cost-effective and timely manner.

Payment Options:

Spectra accepts bank wire, ACH, company check, & paypal.
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