Used IBM 3700 DCS3700 Disk Storage Array

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Manufacturer: IBM
Part #: IBM DCS3700
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Warranty: 90 Days

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Used IBM 3700 DCS3700 Disk Storage Array


  • The used IBM DCS3700 Storage Array gain fast, highly available, dense storage capabilities at an affordable price
  • Deliver simplified data protection management and automated recovery with Dynamic Disk Pooling (DDP)
  • Improve backup and restore capabilities with enhanced IBM® FlashCopy® technology
  • Achieve solid uptime, massive scalability and green efficiencies
  • Help optimize the flow of large, file-based data while retaining ease-of-data access
  • Leverage multi-level data protection using a mix of replication features
  • Ensure data integrity with support for the T10 Protection Information (T10-PI) standard
  • Leverage management expertise built into intuitive and powerful storage management software
  • Help optimize the flow and management of large, file-based data while retaining ease-of-data access when combined with best-in-class IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFS™)
  • Achieve superior serviceability and easy installation with front-load, 12-drive drawers that can be extended while the drives remain active, allowing for individual drive replacement without affecting the operation of other drives
  • Utilize multi-level data protection with IBM Enhanced FlashCopy, Volume Copy and optional disaster recovery features across Fibre Channel or IP networks
  • Save energy costs today and tomorrow by deploying a high-density enclosure, power supplies designed with multiple efficiency standards and variable-speed fans
  • Reduce overall operation and acquisition costs with mixed host interfaces that support IBM DB2® Administration Server and storage area network tiering
  • Support low-power, highly reliable and high-performance SSDs

The era of big data is here, driven by the need for more data and faster data access. Low-latency performance in applications such as real-time business analytics, life sciences research, rich-media entertainment, weather forecasting, social media feeds and stock market transactions require high-performance storage architectures. In addition, today’s organizations need ways to improve operational efficiency while maintaining the same data center footprint, quality of service and high availability.

The used IBM System Storage® DCS3700 storage system is ready to meet the challenge. Designed for applications with high-performance streaming data requirements, DCS3700 offers optimal space utilization, low power consumption and high performance. By combining proven IBM storage controllers with up to 60 drives in just 4U of rack space, used IBM DCS3700 can reduce operational costs for capacity-intensive applications.

Used IBM DCS3700 provides a simple, efficient and flexible approach to storage that is based on seven generations of design knowledge and firmware development. DCS3700 can act as a cost-effective, fully integrated complement to IBM System x®, IBM BladeCenter® and IBM Power Systems™ servers for a wide variety of intensive computing environments.

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Models DCS3700 storage system
DCS3700 with Performance Modules storage system
DCS3700 expansion unit
RAID controller Dual-active, intelligent controllers
Cache per controller Base DCS3700 storage system:
4 GB cache (2 GB per controller) with field or plant upgrades to 8 GB (4 GB per controller)
DCS3700 with Performance Modules storage system:
12, 24 or 48 GB (6, 12, 24 GB per controller)
Host interface Base DCS3700 storage system:

DCS3700 with Performance Modules storage system:

  • Four 8 Gbps Fibre Channel host ports per controller with the option to add daughter cards with additional connectivity
  • Four 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports per optional host interface card (includes eight 8 Gb shortwave small form-factor pluggable transceivers)
  • Four 6 Gbps SAS ports per optional host interface card
  • Two 10 Gbps iSCSI ports per optional host interface card
Drive interface Two 6 Gbps SAS drive ports
Supported drives 6 Gbps SAS 3.5-inch drives:

  • 2 TB 7.2k rpm nearline
  • 3 TB 7.2k rpm nearline

6 Gbps SAS 2.5-inch drives:

  • 300 GB 15k rpm
  • 600 GB 10k rpm
  • 900 GB 10k rpm

SAS 2.5-inch SSDs:

  • 200 GB SSD
  • 400 GB SSD
Data protection levels RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 or DPP
Maximum drives supported Base DCS3700 storage system:
Up to 180 drives per system with the attachment of two DCS3700 expansion units (60 drives per enclosure), 20 drives minimum drive quantity per enclosure
DCS3700 with Performance Modules:
Up to 360 drives per system with the attachment of five DCS3700 expansion units (60 drives per enclosure), 20 drives minimum drive quantity per enclosure
Fans and power supplies Two each per enclosure
Rack support Slim 4U, 19-inch rack mount enclosure
Management software System Storage DS Storage Manager
Size Fits in a standard 1,000 mm cabinet
Environment Operating temperature range: 10°C – 35°C (50°F – 95°F)
Heat output Storage System: 3,057 BTUs per hour
Expansion Unit: 2,736 BTUs per hour
Supported systems System x, BladeCenter and Power Systems servers
Operating systems supported: Mac OS, Solaris (W-SAS Single Drive), Linux, AIX, Microsoft Windows


All Spectra provided IBM Storage products are put through a rigorous refurbishment, reconditioning and testing process.

We guarantee our products to be:

  • Original equipment manufactured and serial numbered numbered by IBM
  • Configured to exact user specifications
  • Fully refurbished to manufacturers standards of new [ETN]
  • All hard drives are 72 hour burn in/Load Tested
  • Complete with manufacturers ship group
  • Provided with 90 day warranty
  • Shipped in a timely manner

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