8-32 way HP Integrity Superdome 2 Server

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HP Superdome 2

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8-32 way HP Integrity Superdome 2 Server

HP 8-32 Integrity Superdome Server Key features and value:

Power-on-once technology keeps critical applications up and running
For enterprise customers, planned downtime can be as problematic
as unplanned downtime. Power-on-once is a complete resiliency
framework, which keeps the system running and provides up to 4.5x
boost to infrastructure reliability. Key features include:

  • The ability to hot-swap fans and power supplies without tools and
    without bringing the system down

  • Electrically-isolated, passive backplane, which is designed to
    remove single points of failure and active components along
    signal paths

  • Superdome 2 Analysis Engine, which delivers predictive
    error-handling to reduce time and cost of error management

  • vPars v5 dynamic cores capabilities, which dynamically moves
    processor cores between vPars

Dynamic processor resiliency, which automatically replaces
processors in the event of failure and protects against downtime
Crossbar Fabric for extreme scalability and reliability
The innovative Superdome 2 Crossbar Fabric is both flexible
and fault tolerant. It is the only UNIX
server in the industry that
enables flexible scaling, allowing I/O to scale independent of
processors. IT architectures can be built to the exact application
needs―CPU intensive, I/O intensive, or anything in between. The
Superdome 2 Crossbar Fabric is also fault tolerant. This means
that the fabric can survive a complete crossbar failure, reroute
data, and recover immediately. This is done through an end-to-end
transaction retry innovation that self-diagnoses and self-heals any
errors in communication through the fabric. This unique combination
of features makes Superdome 2 a highly reliable and flexible
foundation for mission-critical applications.

Common, modular components for improved efficiency
HP Superdome 2 offers enhanced features to increase scalability,
improve memory, and provide better compute power without
compromising performance. Designed to scale from 8 to 256 cores
and more, this newest generation of Superdome offers:

  • Up to a 4x improvement in performance, in half the size

  • A modular, bladed design, based on 16 socket building blocks
    (each with up to 16 Intel
  • Itanium 9300 series processors and 64 cores of compute power)

  • Scale-as-you-grow configurations, including an 8-, 16-,
    and 32-socket server
  • 256 DIMM slots with up to 2 TB of double data rate 3 (DDR3)
    memory, with double-chip spare, providing a large memory
    footprint for the most demanding applications
  • 64 built-in 10GbE ports
  • A full suite of capacity-on-demand capabilities: pay per use (PPU),
    Instant Capacity (iCAP), Global Instant Capacity (GiCAP), and
    Temporary Instant Capacity (TiCAP)
  • Built-in shared DVD

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