Used EMC VMAX 10k Symmetrix Disk Array

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VMax 10k

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Part #: VMax 10k
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Used EMC VMAX 10k Symmetrix Disk Array

This new multi-controller, unified storage system uses the same Virtual Matrix Architecture as used in the EMC Symmetrix VMAX 20K and VMAX 40K models. This allows customers with limited resources to better consolidate and virtualize mission-critical applications. With EMC's FAST VP software, the VMAX 10K delivers better performance by prioritizing heavily active workloads to flash disks and assigning tasks of less importance to lower cost drives. This reduces cooling, power, acquisition, and footprint costs.

The following resources represent some of VMax 10k’s most beneficial resources for IT firms and organizations:

Scalable Solutions – With the capacity to grow from as few as 24 drives to as many as 1,550 drives and four engines, the VMax 10k is a cost-effective solution that grows with your business. At its maximum capacity, the VMax 10k supports 512GB of cache memory and 64 Fiber Channel ports.

Economical Efficiency – The VMAX 10K reduces labor, cooling, layout, and overall cost of ownership demands by increasing virtual storage beyond physical capacity. Thanks to this virtual provisioning, businesses can benefit from increased capacity utilization without significant levels of idle storage.

Powerful Technology, Optimized Storage – Taking advantage of the same virtual matrix architecture as the world’s most powerful Tier 1 systems, the VMAX 10K system supports up to 1.5 PB of capacity. It includes the latest Intel XEON six-core processors, cache, redundant controllers, and back-end and front-end connectivity. Because of its scalability options, however, the VMAX 10k is a powerful machine that fits into any budget.

Superior EMC Software Optimized for End-Users – Using EMC’s standard, state-of-the-art software – including EMC FAST VP, XtremSW Cache, EMC D@RE, EMC TimeFinder, EMC RecoverPoint, and EMC SRDF, the VMAX 10k allows for remote high-end replication, CDP and CLR heterogeneous replication, and robust encryption.

Physical Flexibility for Optimization in All Offices  – The VMAX 10K system will improve storage efficiency in any office. Storage bays can be separated by up to 10 meters – removing most restrictions due to location.

 Get the VMAX 10K System and Get Up and Running – Start optimizing your data the day you get your VMAX 10K System. It can be installed in about four hours and is ready to use right away thanks to the preconfigured, pre-installed software applications designed specifically by EMC.

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