T10000 Tape Drive – 500GB, 120MB/s (Fibre, ESCON)

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StorageTek T10000

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Manufacturer: StorageTek
Part #: StorageTek T10000
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Warranty: 90 Days

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T10000 Tape Drive – 500GB, 120MB/s (Fibre, ESCON)

The T10000 Tape Drive combines the highest native data capacity on tape with the highest native throughput of 120 MB per second. It is able to reuse existing StorageTek T10000 media and simplify deployment with broad compatibility with StorageTek libraries and third party applications. Limit your exposure to potentially costly litigation while you support regulatory and compliance policies. Pair the StorageTek T10000 tape drive with the StorageTek L8500 or SL3000 modular library system to accelerate data consolidation efforts. As data center storage needs increase, you manage growth cost effectively when you combine the highest tape capacity on the market with media reusability and ecoefficiencies.

The StorageTek T10000 Tape Drive delivers a potent combination: native capacity of 1 terabyte and performance of 120 MB/sec. You can double capacity in the same footprint while you simplify media management because you manage ewer tapes. Tape-based storage also minimizes power, cooling, and acquisition cost. Compared to disk, tape is much more energy efficient. As a key component of eco-efficient data centers, tape excels in applications as diverse as production, data management, backup/restore, disaster recovery, and archive.

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Access time
Tape load and thread 16 sec
Average file access (includes load/thread) 62 sec (28 sec for Sport Cartridge)
Maximum rewind
Average rewind
91 sec (23 sec for Sport Cartridge)
48 sec (13 sec for Sport Cartridge)
Unload time 23 sec
Data transfer rate, native (uncompressed) 120 MB/sec
Data transfer rate, (compressed, maximum) 360 MB/sec (future 4 Gb)
Capacity, native (uncompressed) 500 GB (120 GB for Sport Cartridge)
Archive life 30 years
Uncorrected bit error rate 1 x 10-19
Loads/unloads 15,000
Interface 2/4 Gb Fibre, FICON
Burst transfer rate 200 MB/sec, 400 MB/sec (future 4 Gb FC)
Channel rate (Fibre Channel) 200 MB/sec, 400 MB/sec (future 4 Gb FC)
Interface specifications (Fibre Channel) N and NL port, FC-AL-2, FCP-2, FC-tape, future 4 Gb FC
Read/write compatibility interface Proprietary format
Emulation modes 3592 (MVS) and 3490 (VSM)
Height 3.5 in. (8.89 cm)
Depth 16.75 in. (42.55 cm)
Width 5.75 in. (14.61 cm)
Operating +50° to +104° F (+10° to +40° C)
Shipping –40° to +140° F (–40° to +60° C)
Relative humidity
Operating 20% to 80%
Non-operating 10% to 95%
Tape format
Recording format Linear serpentine
Voltage 88–264 VAC @ 48–63 Hz
Power consumption/dissipation
(operating maximum continuous — not peak)
58 W (drive only)
90 W (including power supply)/420 BTU/hr


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