DLT 8000 Tape Drive – 80GB, 6MB/s (Fibre, SCSI)

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StorageTek DLT 8000

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Manufacturer: StorageTek
Part #: StorageTek DLT 8000
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Warranty: 90 Days

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DLT 8000 Tape Drive – 80GB, 6MB/s (Fibre, SCSI)

The StorageTek DLT 8000 Tape Drive has a storage capacity of 40 gigabytes of uncompressed data on a single cartridge at speeds of up to 6 megabytes per second. This makes the DLT 8000 a perfect choice in terms of cost per gigabyte of any other mid level tape drive. The StorageTek DLT 8000 Tape Drive is a perfect solution for backup and recovery. It increases performance without requiring library, software, or media changes to existing DLT tape environments. It can be used in combination with other drives to match specific backup and restore performance and capacity needs.

The StorageTek DLT 8000 Tape Drive is a great expansion tool for disaster recovery enviroments built on DLT technology. The DLT8000 drive can be used almost interchangeably with existing DLT tape drives* as a local or remote component of a disaster recovery network.The StorageTek DLT 8000 Tape Drives are a practical choice for efficient archiving of growing volumes of business data. Expansion of existing archival environments is straightforward because the DLT8000 drive is compatible with previous DLT tape generations.

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Access time
Tape load and thread to ready: 12 sec formatted, 40 sec unformatted
Data transfer rate, native (uncompressed): 6 MB/sec
Capacity, native (uncompressed): 40 GB
Mean time between failures (MTBF)
Tape load 250,000 hr @ 100% duty cycle
Head life 30,000 hr
Uncorrected bit error rate 1×10(-17)
Undetected bit error rate 1×10(-27)
Interface Single port Ultra 2 SCSI, 68 pin female connector single port, shortwave, multi-mode optical Fibre Channel port SC duplex connector
Burst transfer rate LVD 80 MB/sec, HVD 40 MB/sec
Read/write compatibility interface NL_Port, FC-PLDA (hard and soft AL-PA capability), FC-AL, FCP-2, FC-TAPE
Emulation modes Proprietary format
Form factor 5.25 in (full height) 8.0 in (full length)
Temperature (operating) +50° to +104° F (+10° to +40 C )
Temperature (non-operating) -40° to +140° F (-40° to +66° C )
Relative humidity (operating) 20%-80%
Relative humidity (non-operating) 10%-95%
Voltage 100-240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
Voltage +5 VDC, +12 VDC


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