HITACHI HUS 100 EOSL – End of Service Life Announcement

Hitachi Vantara  (formerly Hitachi Data Systems) has announced that they will be discontinuing all service on their midrange storage line, HUS (Hitachi Unified Storage) effective June 30, 2021.

This announcement includes the following models from the HUS100 family:

  • HUS110 Storage System
  • HUS130 Storage System
  • HUS150 Storage System
  • HUS-VM Storage System

Service on the HNAS clusters that we sold with the HUS series will also be discontinued.

SPECTRA support plans plans are flexible – we have something for every budget and every time frame; we don’t require annual ...

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NetApp OnTAP : 7-mode vs CDOT:

Which OS Is Right for you?

In this article we will take a brief look at what separates the 2 versions of NetApp’s OnTap Operating systems. Let’s start first with the older of the 2, 7 mode:


7-Mode is NetApp’s legacy ONTAP OS. While it is still supported on most filers, it is not supported on newer filers like the 8000 series (or newer) and 2500 series (or newer). 7-mode will eventually be phased out NetApp has stated that the current rev ...

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How to: Generate ISI Gather from EMC Isilon

When working with your support provider to troubleshoot an issue with your Isilon nodes, you may be asked to send your cluster’s log and configuration files. These files will help your support provider determine what is wrong. The file is large, often 1GB+, so it takes a few minutes to prepare it.

You’ll need to run an “ISI Gather” to collect this information. This process creates an archive file that contains all of your cluster’s log and configuration information.

To start this ...

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EMC End-of-Serivce-Life (EOSL) Tracker – Updated!

Now updated for 2020! The End of Service Life (EOSL) date denotes when EMC will discontinue all support of that specific model. If you are planning on utilizing the machine after the EOSL date, it is highly recommended to get in touch with a 3rd party service provider in order to maintain the reliability and integrity of the array.


VNX5100 12/31/2020
VNX5300 12/31/2020
VNX5500 12/31/2019
VNX5700 12/31/2019
VNX7500 12/31/2019
VNX5200 1/31/2023
VNX5400 1/31/2023
VNX5600 1/31/2023
VNX5800 1/31/2023
VNX8000 1/31/2023
VNXe3150 12/31/2020
VNXe3300 12/31/2020
VNXe1600 1/31/2023
VNXe3200 1/31/2023
Unity 300 1/31/2023
Unity 400 1/31/2023
Unity 500 1/31/2023
Unity 600 1/31/2023
VMAX 20K 3/30/2020
VMAX 40K 9/30/2022
Isilon X200 12/31/2018
Isilon X400 12/31/2018
Isilon X210 2/28/2024
Isilon X410 2/28/2024
Isilon S200 6/30/2020
Isilon S210 2/28/2024
Isilon S410 2/28/2024
Isilon ...
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