EMC Isilon 410 Series END of SERVICE LIFE

DellEMC: End of Service life for the Isilon 410  Series on February 28, 2024.

After this date, DellEMC will no longer render maintenance or service on Isilon 410 models.

It is recommended to check your EMC support portal for any outstanding firmware upgrades as soon as possible!

Products affected:

  • Isilon X410
  • Isilon X210
  • Isilon NL410
  • Isilon S210

What is the difference between end of service, and end of life?

End of life is only a withdrawal from sales and marketing. Isilon X410, NL410, and S210 have been withdrawn from sales (EOL) since March of 2019. EMC support will continue for 5 years after the end-of-life date.

What are Your Options as an EMC Isilon Owner?

  1. Continue to stay with Dell Support until it expires.
  2. Check out Third Party Support
  3. Upgrade and migrate

Just because DELLEMC will not support them any longer, does not mean it is unsafe or risky to continue operating on these systems. The Isilon X and NL series are very well-designed and well-built systems.

SPECTRA has a complete inventory of Isilon parts, along with escalation engineers with years of experience repairing and troubleshooting Isilons. With 24×7 and next-business day SLAs, we can create a maintenance plan for any budget.

We can keep these these systems running for a decade after the End-of-service date, and save you thousands when compared to DELL EMC prices! Contact us using the button below to learn more!


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