IBM POWER Servers: Power8 & Power7+ Servers

IBM  Power Series Servers


SPECTRA buys and sells used and refurbished IBM Power 8 and Power 7+ Servers.  We carry a full line of  complete Power Servers and parts, for both AIX systems, and System I (iseries, AS/400) operating systems.

We guarantee our systems for a minimum of 90 days, with live tech support on most models.

IBM Power 8 processors began shipping Oct. 2014, designed to compete with Intel’s X86 architecture. It is the latest and greatest from IBM.

The IBM POWER7+ processor serves up new and unique innovations to continue the leadership performance that now serves as the industry standard. The improved performance with POWER7+ enables clients to get more processing power with fewer processors, resulting in lower per-core software licensing costs, as compared to Power 7.

The POWER7 multiprocessor architecture was a substantial change from the POWER6 design, focusing on power efficiency through multiple cores. The POWER6 architecture was built for frequencies (at the cost of efficiency) and achieved a remarkable 5 GHz.

Legacy: IBM formerly had 2 midrange hardware lines: Servers from the AS/400 family, and the POWER-based servers from the RS/6000 family running AIX and Linux. In 2008, IBM merged the two lines of servers under “Power Systems”, with identical hardware and a choice of operating systems. In 2010, IBM announced new models with the new POWER7 microprocessor.

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Since 1982, Spectra is your global source for used, new and refurbished IBM POWER servers.

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