Limitations of buying used EMC storage – 5 Things to Consider

EMC storage is one of the most expensive investments that a business can make, and it’s not just a 1-and-done either. It will need to be refreshed when it gets too old.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to spend 5 to 6 figures on an EMC storage system, which is why some might consider buying a used system instead.

While it is a fantastic way to put tens of thousands back into your budget, there are limitations and precautions to be aware of before going down that road.

 Top 5 limitations of pre-owned IT equipment:
  1. Limitation: Third parties cannot re-license the system. When you hook up the system, and call EMC support to bring it online, they will still show the serial as being registered to original purchaser, and likely decline your support coverage.
  2. Limitation: Any third party claiming there is factory warranty left on the machine is simply not telling the truth. Even if it is newer, the system is not registered to you, and you are not able to transfer support/warranty to your organization without significant re-licensing fees.
  3. Precaution: Who are you buying from? Many fly-by-night IT resellers, or eBay sellers obtain their inventory through IT salvage, or liquidations. Their Price may look appealing, but they likely do not have the proper test environment available to ensure the system meets operational quality standards.
  4. Precaution: Check the details. Often, there are no returns on used equipment, simply because it is configure-to-order. Make sure you have all the specifications you need prior to ordering. If the organization is reputable, they should be able to help you find and configure what you need.
  5. Bonus: It is always a best-practice to order from an organization who will offer on-going maintenance on the system, effectively standing behind the product for years to come. If they are responsible for fixing it, it’s likely they won’t sell you a scrap quality storage system.

As you can see, buying used has lots of advantages, but also has drawbacks.

As long as risks are managed, and these potential problems are eliminated before they become an issue, your experience buying a used system will be a good one!

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