How to: Generate ISI Gather from EMC Isilon

When working with your support provider to troubleshoot an issue with your Isilon nodes, you may be asked to send your cluster’s log and configuration files. These files will help your support provider determine what is wrong. The file is large, often 1GB+, so it takes a few minutes to prepare it.

You’ll need to run an “ISI Gather” to collect this information. This process creates an archive file that contains all of your cluster’s log and configuration information.

To start this process, follow one of these procedures:

Procedure 1:

From the OneFS web administration interface:

  1. In OneFS 7.0.x through 7.1, go to Help > Diagnostics and click Start Gather
  2. In OneFS 6.0.x through 6.5.x, go to Help > Diagnostics > Gather Info and click Start Gather
Procedure 2:
  1. SSH Connection to any node – login using root account.
  2. From the OneFS command-line interface, run the isi_gather_info command


Due to the size of the file, transferring it to the support vendor will require use of a cloud or FTP server. The procedures listed are valid for all models (whether X, NL or S series) as long as they are running the above-listed versions of OneFS.

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