END OF LIFE Is NOT the End for your Storage System!

Though the major manufacturers (EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, IBM and HPE alike) will say otherwise, rest assured that EOL doesn’t = “dead.”  While it can vary from vendor to vendor, EOL is basically the point in the product’s life where the manufacturer has stopped selling it, and moves it to support-only. EOL just means you need to make an adjustment to the way your organization should approach hardware support and maintenance solutions when your renewal comes up.

If your objective is to save money for purchases you actually need, these questions may help you find a support solution that fits your needs.

  1. What options are available when the Manufacturer will no longer support my EOL hardware?

Renewal through the vendor: This is typically available until the equipment is deemed “EOSL” – end of service life. This is typically very costly, as the vendor is trying to move you to their newer offerings at this point.

Third-party maintenance providers offer support and maintenance solutions for EOL storage systems. Because third-party vendors will support the hardware for its entire usable life, you can upgrade your hardware when you, not the vendor, feel the timing is right to upgrade.

  1. What are my options if my hardware fails?

After the EOS or EOL date, the manufacturer likely will no longer sell replacement parts and upgrades. However,  many third-party storage vendors can continue to provide End-of-Life storage hardware.

Third party resellers and distributors like Spectra make finding rare and hard-to-find EOL hardware easier than ever. We can provide the replacement parts you need long after EMC has stopped selling the part.

  1. What if I want to upgrade my array?

If you want to refresh your aging hardware, you have options to recover money from your old system!

    1. Trade In to the vendor – many vendors like NetApp, EMC, IBM, Hitachi will often offer trade in credit for your arrays.
    2. Resell – your hardware can often be sold to third-party storage providers for cash or hardware credit to help you recover value from your used gear

4. Re-deployment

End-of-Life storage hardware isn’t dead simply because the manufacturer says so. The old hardware can be deployed in a variety of production, testing/development, backup, and disaster recovery environments to expand and improve your IT environment.

With affordable maintenance and support from SPECTRA, your legacy hardware can be deployed to create a low-cost solution to add more capacity, create a replication or disaster recovery system, or create a testing or development environment.

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