IBM z10 zSeries Servers

The z10 EC has the machine type of 2097, with five model offerings between 1 to 64 configurable cores and can support up to 64 cores in a single z/OS image (with z/OS V1.9). Four models (E12, E26, E40 and E56) have 17 cores per book and the high capacity z10 EC Model E64 has one 17-core book and three 20-core books. The second two digits of the model number indicate the number of customer orderable cores available on the z10 EC—for example the E12 is a one- to 12-way server.

Each z10 EC will have up to two spare cores and there is a graduated scale up of System Assist Processors (SAPs) used for I/O processing, depending on the number of books installed in the server. The customer orderable cores can be characterized as Central Processors (CPs); Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) processors; System z10 Application Assist Processors (zAAPs); System z10 Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs); Internal Coupling Facility (ICF) processors; or additional SAPs. The z10 EC has subcapacity processors available on servers configured with twelve or fewer CPs. The z10 EC Models E54 and E64 supports up to 1.5 TB of real memory. This is three times the maximum memory available on the z9 EC.

In addition to the customer purchased memory, an additional 16 GB of memory is included for the Hardware System Area (HSA). The HSA holds the I/O configuration data for the server. On the z10 EC, the HSA memory is entirely fenced from customer memory. High-speed connectivity and high bandwidth out to the data and the network are critical in achieving high levels of transaction throughput and enabling resources inside and outside the server to maximize application requirements. The z10 EC has a host bus interface with a link data rate of 6 GB using the industry standard InfiniBand protocol to help satisfy coupling, cryptography, I/O and LAN requirements; for ICF and server-to-server connectivity, for Crypto Express3 with secure coprocessors and SSL transactions, for I/O connectivity using ESCON, FICON or FCP, for LAN connectivity using the OSA-Express3 Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and 1000 BASE-T Ethernet features.

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