DellEMC Unity Storage Systems

Dell EMC Unity Storage Arrays

DellEMC Unity Family Overview:

The Unity family of storage arrays are  Dell EMC’s cutting-edge mid-range storage systems. Superseding the VNX midrange line, the new line features either a hybrid configuration with a combination of spinning disk and flash, or all-flash storage.

The Unity family touts significant performance and efficiency improvements over the VNX product family. Both in power consumption, and disk size, requiring less disks and rack space to fill the same storage requirements that a VNX would. Unity supports Fibre Channel, FCoE, NFS, SMB 3.0 (CIFS), and iSCSI protocols.

More information on performance is available on the specific product pages. The Unity 300, 400, 500 designate the hybrid family, while the 350F, 450F and 550F designate the All-flash family. 

Since 1982, Spectra is a leading supplier for used EMC storage arrays. We carry a full inventory of UNITY systems, both Hybrid and Flash. Contact us to find out more about upgrading or repairing your existing array!

Spectra is a leading provider of EMC Unity maintenance and support services. Our complete Unity inventory, coupled with our system expertise and wide-reaching field engineers make us one of the top EMC service providers in the US. Please visit our Maintenance page to find out more!

About Our Equipment:

All Spectra provided Dell EMC storage arrays and parts are put through a rigorous refurbishment, reconditioning and testing process and are guaranteed:

  • Original equipment manufactured and serial numbered by Dell EMC
  • Configured to exact User specifications
  • Fully refurbished / reconditioned to manufacturers standards of new [ETN]
  • Lab tested, 72 Hour burn in/Load Tested
  • Complete with manufacturers ship group (I/F Cables, Power Cords, Manuals etc)
  • Provided with 90 Day warranty

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