Hitachi Thunder 9910V Disk Array

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9910V Disk Array

Product Details

Manufacturer: Hitachi
Part #: 9910V Disk Array
Price: Contact Us
Warranty: 90 Days

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Hitachi Thunder 9910V Disk Array

The Hitachi Lightning 9910 Disk Array can handle up to 8.3TB of raw capacity and ensures seamless backup and rapid recovery for high-connectivity, highly reliable, multi-platform, application specific or distributed environments. The Hitachi Lightning 9910 Disk Array supports no-single-point-of-failure technology to ensure that data reliability and availability is always there no matter how demanding the application. The Hitachi Lightning 9910 Disk Array is based upon internal switched-fabric architecture and when combined with redundant, on-line replaceable active components, and mirrored cache provide non-disruptive service, and 24/7 data protection.

  • 5 to 48 disk drives (including spares)
  • Up to 4 hot spares
  • Up to 8.3TB raw capacity per system
  • 1 to 16GB data cache in 1GB increments
  • RAID-1+ and/or RAID-5 arrays within the same system
  • Fully redundant, fault-tolerant, hot-swappable components
  • Duplexed write cache with battery backup
  • Supported operating platforms: HP (Compaq) Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Novell NetWare, Red Hat Linux, IBM (Sequent) DYNIX/PTX, SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris, Windows 2000, Windows NT, OpenVMS, OS/390

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All Spectra provided Hitachi Thunder 9910V Disk Arrays are put through a rigorous refurbishment, reconditioning and testing process.

We guarantee our products to be:

  • Original equipment manufactured and serial numbered numbered by Hitachi
  • Configured to exact user specifications
  • Fully refurbished to manufacturers standards of new [ETN]
  • All hard drives are 72 hour burn in/Load Tested
  • Complete with manufacturers ship group
  • Provided with 90 day warranty
  • Shipped in a timely manner

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