Hitachi Lightning 9980V & 9970V disk arrays

Hitachi Lightning 9970V & 9980V


Used Hitachi 9970V, Hitachi Enterprise storage


The Hitachi Lightning 9970V storage system is a member of the Hitachi Lightning 9900V Series, offers all the high-speed, high-availability features of the cutting-edge Lightning 9900V Series in a single cabinet.

Thanks to its open systems and z/OS connection, it is a very capable storage solution for IBM zSeries Servers.

It has a mirrored cache, online replaceable redundant active components, and non-disruptive 24/7 data protection. In addition to scalable backup and restoration capabilities, the 9970V offers point-in-time copies for disaster recovery, tapeless data vaulting, data warehousing and data mining, or application testing.

HITACHI 9970 Maintenance

Hitachi 9970V Maintenance and Support options are available in both 24×7 and 8×5 next business Day. Please contact us to learn more!