Used Cisco UCS Blade Servers

Cisco UCS Blade Servers

Cisco UCS Blade Servers

Cisco UCS Blade System stands out as a cutting-edge infrastructure for blade servers. Powered by Intel Xeon processors, it is specifically designed to drive business innovation and excels in cloud virtual environments, offering 4 and 2 socket servers.

With a focus on simplifying and consolidating datacenter hardware, Cisco’s exclusive management software, UCSM (UCS Manager), ensures seamless scalability for your infrastructure.

At Spectra, we provide a range of reliable and innovative Cisco server solutions, including the Blade series servers from the B200 family (generations M2-M6) and Rack mount server families from the C220 and C440 family.

The M3-M4 generation of Cisco UCS Blade servers leverages the widely popular Intel Xeon processor E7 and E5 series. On the other hand, the M5 and M6 generations feature the powerful Xeon Gold and Silver Skylake processors.

These servers are capable of supporting both non-virtualized and virtualized applications, offering increased flexibility, enhanced performance, improved energy efficiency, and heightened administrator productivity.

Experience the advanced capabilities of Cisco UCS Blade Servers by partnering with us at Spectra. Contact us today to explore how these servers can empower your datacenter operations.

Cisco UCS Maintenance

Looking for upgrade options, or maintenance on your existing UCS  environment? We can help! With a strong portfolio of UCS systems under our maintenance, our level 4 engineers know these systems inside and out. Please use the contact us form to get in touch!