Used Oracle Sun M5-32 SPARC Server

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Part #: SPARC M5-32
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Used Oracle Sun M5-32 SPARC Server

Building on more than 25 years of SPARC Heritage

This Used Oracle Sun SPARC M5-32 server is solution to your business-critical workload with the potential for huge scalability. This SMP data center server is designed to meet the needs of the largest businesses in the world. With the power of the M5 SPARC processor, it offers the highest possible core capability and system throughput that will amaze you.

The Oracle Sun SPARC M5-32 is:

– Capable of shouldering the most demanding workloads and designed to be rapidly expandable to meet future needs
– 100 percent binary compatible with earlier versions of SPARC Solaris applications, protecting your investment
– Charged with the highest level of system availability, including RAS design and electrically isolated Dynamic Domains

This is a server build for performance, with specs that make the grade in scalability and reliability:

– A maximum of 32 M5 SPARC processors
– A system memory of 32 TB
– 6 cores, each with 8 threads
– An L3 cache of 48 MB
– Redundancy in all major components

With each core offering outstanding system throughput and performance it is easy to see why the SPARC M5-32 is considered one of the best Oracle Servers money can buy. If you are looking to reduce the complexity of your data center or desire more comprehensive visualization technologies, it provides the tools you need to meet your enterprise server needs from a single server cabinet. This model will help you reduce your operational costs while running Oracle Virtual Networking that is guaranteed binary compatible with past Oracle applications. Its Dynamic Domains component is one of the most prized features of this secure and dependable server.

If you want a quantum leap upgrade over your last-generation server, the Oracle Sun SPARC M5-32 will be everything you need to accomplish your enterprise business goals.

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